Monday, August 22, 2005

Scary Stuff

First, I'd love to thank all of you Blogger users that have been talking about spam lately.

You jinxed me.

I was doing so good too! The only spam I ever got in my comments field was about "hot young girls" in a post about an erotica novel I read.

I went to Blogger and changed my profile, so I hope that fixes it. If not, I'll have to stop allowing anonymous comments. Sorry folks!

In other news - I saw some scary (and ignorant) tattoos today on a library patron.

This guy comes in quite a bit - and here's a shock (again library sarcasm) - he solely uses the library for Internet access.

He was wearing short sleeves today and I got a real good look at two of his tats. One was of a swastika. The other? A hooded figure - as in the kind of a hood a KKK member would wear.


While I do not work in a large African-American community, I'd say 80% of my library patrons are Asian (mostly Vietnamese). I love the fact that this guy is wandering around my building sporting racist tattoos. Frankly, I find this more disturbing than the homeless guy who likes to wash his feet in my public restroom.


Candy said...

I was browsing around a White Power network a while back, and I came across a site featuring various tattoos sported by assorted WP people. One of these tattoos was an enormous scroll that spanned the guy's back, and in large, black, Gothic-style characters, it said: "Anti-Semetic."

I just howled and howled with laughter. I couldn't help wondering: Was the tattoo artist Jewish? Did he deliberately misspell it? Or is it just a case of rampant stupidity spilling over into somebody's spelling?

Wendy said...


My money would be on the Jewish tattoo artist - but something tells me these WP assholes stick to their own kind when inking their bodies.

The Boyfriend didn't see the big deal when I relayed this story to him. "C'mon Wendy, he just advertises his ignorance better than most people."

Can't argue with that logic.