Saturday, August 6, 2005

Rinse And Repeat

Regular visitors to my blog will know that Wendy whines a lot about the current state of American-set (including western) historical romances.

While the book is still in my TBR, I was quite hopeful when I learned that Susan Kay Law won a RITA this year for A Wanted Man. Surely publishers (specifically Avon) would take the hint, right?


Susie is guest blogging over at Squawk Radio - and while she's awfully nice about it - it appears she is with Avon no more.

In fact, she's currently with no one.

But good for her for not caving to Avon's "Why not write English-set historicals" nonsense. I'm still unhappy about Lorraine Heath. OK, I'm bitter - but I'm trying to work through it.

So who does this leave at Avon? The only author who has managed to get a western published in recent memory (in this case, May)? Beverly Jenkins. And even she has begun to branch out to romantic suspense. How long will it be before there is no one with a contract at Avon writing American-set historicals?

Heck, that time may have already come....


Kristie (J) said...

I stand with you in your bitterness at Heath. When she was writing westerns, she was the best. Since she joined the ranks of Avon/historicals I don't even read her anymore. I never thought I'd say that about Lorraine Heath.
Bitter I am. Bitter

And kudo's to SKL. I hope she finds someone soon. She's also a very good writers of westerns and I really miss them too!

Kristie (J) said...

Me again. And you're right. That time did come at Avon.

sybil said...

I have hope the two historicals I talks about are westerns. Cuz uh if they weren't, wouldn't she have written them for AVON?

It will so suck when the next book she has printed will end up being Women's Fiction.

Well suck for me, not her.

Nicole said...

I just saw that there's an American-set historical coming out in Sept when I was looking for books. I think it's Dear Penelope by Sharon Ihle, but it's from Dorchester.

I'm kinda sick of English-set historicals and maybe that's the reason I haven't picked any up lately. Of the ones I can see on my historical tbr shelf, the majority are set in England or Scotland.

Wendy said...

For westerns/American set historicals I've been relying on Zebra, Leisure and Harlequin Historicals.

Ruth Ryan Langan has published a few titles with Berkley, so I hope they continue to seek out American settings as well. We shall see though....

Nicole said...

I still need to start reading Cheryl St. John, too.

I think Dear Penelope will be one I buy new, just because.

lost said...

Oh, I'm with you on Heath. *cries*

I admit I no longer buy anything from Avon. It doesn't offer anything interesting, these days. Old Avon books were a lot more interesting, but now? *...*

Sharon Ihle! Haven't seen her name for years. IIRC, she used to write American western romantic comedies. I do remember that one of her books was very popular with readers. I'm struggling to remember the title. Let me google -- 'The Bride Wears Spurs'.