Monday, August 8, 2005

Glamorous Life

I'm still working on Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner. I'll admit it, I got lazy towards the end of last week and didn't get much reading done. That, and I'm now officially sucked into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on audio book. So my lunch break was spent listening to that instead of reading. Bad Wendy, bad.

The good news is, I should be able finish Carpe Demon sometime tomorrow - so a full report will be forthcoming.

And for the record - I'm on CD #8 out of #17 with Harry.

I came into work this morning to find garbage spilling out around my dumpster. What does this mean exactly? It means Wendy has to go pick it up. Why? Well besides my grossly over-inflated salary (in the library world we call that sarcasm) but also because the garbage men will not haul anything away that isn't firmly in the dumpster.

I put this off. I even resorted to shifting part of my reference collection - which is essentially hauling books from one shelf to the next. Never glamorous work, and I got sweaty (and not in a fun way either). Still it's infinitely better than garbage detail.

However, it had to be done. And being the totally kick-ass superhero babe that I am, I knew it was up to me to make my parking lot clean and garbage free! So I dug out a pair of gloves and headed for the back door.

What greeted me? Lo and behold - no more garbage! Someone beat me too it and picked it up for me! I wish I knew who - although I suspect it was the landscape guys who were here mowing the lawn.

Bless their hearts.

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