Friday, July 1, 2005

Diet And Book Updates

And so we conclude week 7 of Wendy's Diet From Hell. How's it going?

Drumroll please.....

I've lost 10 pounds! Yes, I finally stepped on a scale last week. So what have been my "secret" tricks?
  • No fast food. None. Yes, I know you can get salads at fast food places, but it's for the best if I don't even enter the parking lot. Otherwise I'll end up ordering a double cheeseburger and large fries.
  • Salads for my lunch break at work. These salads consist of "salady stuff" along with some grilled chicken (yum, protein!) and a light vinaigrette dressing of some sort. I make this palpable by staring at Paul Newman's hunky face on my bottle of salad dressing while eating.
  • Deny, deny, deny. Some people can do portion control - and good for them. Me? Forget it. It's just better if I don't have that ice cream in my freezer. Instead of one small dish, I'd end up eating the whole half gallon.
Yes, I'm willing to admit I have issues with food.

I also do exercise, but not as much as I should. I've been walking 2 miles at least 3 times a week, although I've been a total slacker this week. Maybe I can make it up this weekend?

As for "bad" foods? Well I haven't given up chocolate. I told The Boyfriend if I denied myself chocolate I'd end up being a danger to myself and others. That, and I haven't given up my tea. I stopped drinking soda in college, but tea is still my one main vice (if you can call it that). I swear I was either British or Chinese in a former life. Asking me to give up tea would be worse than giving up chocolate. You'd end up seeing my mug shot on the 6 o'clock news.

In the middle of running myself ragged with errands and chores this morning I managed to wrap up Drive Me Crazy by Nancy Warren. Eh. It was OK. I liked the banter, the librarian heroine who wasn't a walking stereotype and the secondary romance. The suspense angle about drove me crazy though. Obvious. Very, very, very obvious. It made me question the sanity of all the characters since they were either 1) too stupid or 2) too blind to figure it out.

I hate it when that happens.


Nicole said...

Congrats! 1 to 2 pounds a week is ideal and you've got that down. And did you know that actually those fast food salads are evil? Ugh. Of course, I hate salad.

lost said...

lol! Glad that you're happy with the results of Wendy's Diet From Hell. Congrats. :D

Nicole - fast food salads are evil? How so? I don't really want to know, but the morbid nosey parker in me is dying to know.

Tara Marie said...

Congratulations on the diet working. I love salads, but I have horrendous food allergies (which include soybean oil which is in almost all salad dressings), so I avoid salads.

I picked up Drive Me Crazy at the UBS the other day--I still loved the part you quoted, but, boy, your assessment is right on. Great banter, great sex and a whole bunch of idiots.

a girL in a coma said...

So I guess I should follow this. I so want to lose weight. The Boyfriend is off his Marines duties in August/September. I want to shed some pounds by then.

Wendy said...

Great banter, great sex and a whole bunch of idiots.

LOL - exactly Tara Marie! If only that suspense angle had been better.

Nicole said...

lol well, there's more calories than you'd think and dressing can add as much as 50% more to it.

Actually, they're evil mostly because I hate lettuce. Dieting can be hard when you hate lettuce.