Monday, June 27, 2005

Planning Ahead

I was able to convince my employer to give me "free" time off to attend the RWA conference in Reno in July. Essentially I'll be attending on "work time" and I won't have to use my own personal vacation time.

Pretty cool huh?

The trade off of course is that I needed to justify the trip. So I agreed to do a reader's advisory program for the adult services librarians upon my return. Basically getting up in front of everyone and talking about how totally awesome romance is, and what they can do to help patrons looking for good romance reads.

I'm trying to do some of the work in advance, one of which is a handout of romance-related web sites. That's where you all come in. I mean, I've hit the real obvious places (like Writerspace, eHarlequin, AAR, TRR, Romance In Color), but I'm probably missing some cool off-the-beaten path places. If you have a suggestion, please drop me a note here at the blog.

Muchos gracias amigas!

In other news, I'm finally getting around to reading Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone. In my defense, I did buy this book new back in 2003 - it just took trading it to a fellow reader to force my hand and actually read it. Man, is it great so far! I promise to blog about it more thoroughly once I've finished it. And the best part is, it gave me an idea for my next RTB column set for July 13.


Nicole said...

Hmmm... for category romance

If you're counting any chick lit, I enjoy Don't always agree with the reviews (who does?), but I like it to see what chick lit is out and coming out.

Kristie said...

Neat that you can combine work and your real passion:)
Another site I like is Romance Reader at Heart
They do book reviews, author interviews etc.

Another one I don't visit as often but they seem to have loads of stuff is Romance Central

If you go to the links at AAR, they have quite a few listed.

And isn't Fallen From Grace excellent. I love this book

Tara Marie said...

I read "Fallen From Grace" in one sitting last week. It was great!!

Have fun at the confence.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the site suggestions! I had already included Romance Reader At Heart (I know some reviewers over there), but I had totally missed the others! Keep 'em coming!

And yes, FALLEN FROM GRACE just about rocked my world. Blog post on it to follow shortly.

sybil said...

See I am helpful!

You and Tara have both posted how great this is, so excited to get to read it.