Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Job Ad, Diet Update And Amazon Order

Looks like The Romance Reader is looking for reviewers - specifially Chick Lit reviewers. Although if I know the editor, she probably wouldn't mind more reviewers period - regardless of the subgenre. If you're interested, check out the FAQ page.

As reported in a previous blog entry, I'm dieting. I have purposely not stepped on a scale since I started this grand experiment for fear of getting discouraged. But, there have been some results. It's amazing what happens when one just cuts out fast food. The Boyfriend, bless his heart, told me this weekend that my "love handles" were smaller.

OK, so that's not terribly romantic - but dang, I'm so happy!

Now if I could just get myself on a regular exercise schedule all would be right with the world.

I bit the bullet and placed in order with Amazon yesterday. Here's what I ordered:

I loved the first book in this series - Loaded - mainly because it had a bit of an edge to it. Sort of like a crime noir novel told from a women's perspective.

Kandel debuted last year with I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason - a book I read stictly for the title. It was one of my notable reads of 2004. Sort of a mix between cozy mystery and crime noir. This time, the author turns her eye from Erle Stanley Gardner to Nancy Drew.

I love Levine's Jaine Austen series, mainly because they are fun, quick reads. She's also the only mystery author I know who can write a "shorter" book (250 pages) and not skimp on character development, mystery, red herrings and suspects. Really looking forward to this one.


Nicole said...

Ooh..those look good. I've been meaning to read Loaded before Lethal since Loaded is at the library. Those other mysteries look really good.

Glad the dieting is going well, I'm doing it too and enjoying it.

Wendy said...

Oh, do read Loaded first! My understanding is that a relationship the heroine started in that first book is continued in Lethal - so you might want to get all the back story.

And you're enjoying dieting? Are you sure about that? I'm doing OK - but then I'm not depriving myself of chocolate either. No need to get homicidal just to drop a few pounds....

Alyssa said...

Wendy, I'm trying to decide whether I hate you or not. You're already losing weight? Wasn't it just two days ago that you decided to diet?

I think I'll go crawl back under a rock and whimper.


Nicole said...

I'm enjoying dieting. Like oh..last night I had points left and had ice cream. My thinking is that if you deprice yourself, you're just setting yourself up to fall. I just have changed little things, like getting baked chips instead of regular, light bread for sandwiches, bought lite miracle whip instead of regular. Fat-free American cheese instead of regular. it all adds up in the end. I'm not in it to lose weight quickly, though, more for something I can handle long term.

Yeah, no need to stop eating chocolate. Just a need to stop eating the WHOLE package at once. lol

Wendy said...

Well you cannot hate me right now, since I haven't lost enough to really make much of a difference. I haven't dropped a clothes size or inches yet - so I'm still a long way off! I have noticed though that certain problem areas are starting to shrink a bit. Not much - just a little.

And Nicole - eating a whole bag of chocolate is a bad thing? LOL This is why I need to deprive myself a bit - I have no impulse control. I can't just have a "little" of anything "bad." Like you had ice cream last night? Probably a small dish right? Me, I would have eaten half the container :)

Just better to keep the ice cream out of the house altogether....

Nicole said...

lol Well, I try to have them in the small size of our glasses. I think it was something around a cup and a half. It was the Edy's Slow Churned half the fat, but Mmmm....didn't taste like it.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment about sort of a cozy mystery. There's another sort of cozy and sort of psychological drama more how to prove whodunit rather than whodunit, that I loved called Snap Me a Future, about a tough old reporter facing down some fears in the face of a knife wielding antiquities thief. The story is set in the southwest. Makes me want to go there. Find it at dlsijpress.com. It's an ebook and you have to print it out but Snap Me a Future's worth the trouble