Saturday, June 18, 2005

In Exile

I'm hiding in the computer room. Why? The Boyfriend is watching boxing.

I just cannot get into boxing. Yes, I do appreciate it as a sport - and I love the history of it - but dang between the greedy promoters (how is it Don King hasn't been shot yet? I mean, honestly?), the mob, and the fact that so many of these men are hung out to dry once their careers are over. Oh, and those idiot commentors on HBO. Gawd I hate those guys.

And if Mike Tyson gets one more fight I just might start screaming and never stop.

But that's another rant entirely.

So here I am in the computer room, listening to my new CDs (Jet's Get Born and STP's Thank You), putzing on the computer. What I should be doing is reading - I have yet to officially start Carved In Stone by Vickie Taylor.


lost said...

Crap. That could work if I spelt the author's name right.

lost said...

*sinister whispering mode/on/* readvickitaylorscarvedinstone readvickitaylorscarvedinstone readvickitaylorscarvedinstone readvickitaylorscarvedinstone readvickitaylorscarvedinstone
*sinister whispering/off/*

Wendy said...

LOL - well don't worry Maili. I have to review it, so there's no threat of me putting it off indefinitely. I just haven't done any reading in the last several days.


Nicole said...

Ouch. Poor you. People really do watch boxing? Sad.

Yeah, read the book. I'm curious about it.

Alyssa said...

I just don't get boxing. Yes, there are rules (do not bite off your opponent's ear, being one), but I don't enjoy watching people beat each other up. Ick.


Nicole said...

I'd much rather watch hockey if I want to see people beat up each other. *g*

Tara Marie said...

Ouch. Poor you. People really do watch boxing? Sad.

Not only does my hubby watch boxing he also watches "Ultimate Fighting", which exiled me to reading on the couch Saturday night.