Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Great Library Card Hunt

I love people who try to work the system.

Where I work, we do have Internet stations for public use. This is a good service to provide - in theory. Most days it's just a pain in the ass. Take Saturday for instance. Our library patrons log onto the computer using their library card number and password. They get one hour a day. Well Saturday we caught a guy who had been on the computer all day long. I immediately kicked him off the terminal, and put a stop on his library card. Unfortunately I could only track down one account number, and to get multiple hours, this guy must have a slew of accounts he's using.

He came in again yesterday and since I put a stop on the one account number I tracked down on Saturday, he had to see me before logging on. I gave him the standard lecture and watched him like a hawk. This guy now knows we're watching, so he took his one hour and left.

Turns out he then hit the library down the street - and the manager there (bless his heart) discovered 3 different library card numbers. He left one valid, removed one from the system completely, and marked the other one as "lost."

I love people like this. I mean, hello?! It's a free service! Also, it's always the creepy library patrons who do this. This guy spends his time checking out dating sites, looking at pictures of pretty girls who are no more than 21.

Ah, the public library! A gateway to education, knowledge and creepy guys.

In other news, I'm reading Drive Me Crazy by Nancy Warren, and while I've read mixed reviews for it, I'm enjoying it so far. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the librarian heroine was wearing a short leather skirt in Chapter 4 either.

Here's a bit of dialouge that had me laughing out loud during my lunch break:

"Have dinner with me tonight," he said, his voice barely his own.

She stifled a smirk of satisfaction. She'd made her point. She loved sex. But did he think she was going to fall into his bed because he had some basic animal appeal? She hoped she had more sense. "No, thank you."

"Are you busy tonight?"

"No. Just not interested."

"You should reconsider. You'll feel a lot less slutty if you go out with me before we have sex."

Well I found it funny anyway.


Jay said...

:) I liked that part too.

Nicole said...

Oooh...I have this book and need to read it.

Tara Marie said...

"You should reconsider. You'll feel a lot less slutty if you go out with me before we have sex."

OMG--I love that line!!

Tara Marie said...

I picked up a copy of Drive Me Crazy at the UBS today, thanks for the blurb.

emjay said...

Oh, don't get me started on library patrons who work the system! At the public library where I used to work, each patron could check out as many as 8 DVDs and/or VHS tapes for one week. Seemed pretty generous to me. I mean, how many movies can one person watch in a week? And there was always the option of returning what they'd already watched and get something else. Anyway, some parents insisted on getting each child in the family his or her own library card, even if the kid was a year old. Why? So they, the parents, could check out more movies! And as long as little Junior was with them, I couldn't do a darn thing about it. GRRR!

lost said...

I mean, how many movies can one person watch in a week?


Er, let's see. The highest number of feature films I watched in a week? 36.

It should be impossible but I somehow managed to meet the target. That's without using the fast foward button. To say that I was slightly crazed afterwards would be the understatement of the year.

Thankfully I never watched as many as that in a week again. When they invited me to be one of judges for the international newcomers' contest again, I instantly refused. *laughing*

lost said...

Sorry, the film contest was for the Light House in Wolverhampton.