Monday, June 20, 2005

Giving Til It Hurts

It's not quite July yet and here is how much I've donated to my library so far:

11 hard cover books = $275.70
4 audio books on CD = $141.86
101 paperbacks = $589.72
Misc. Office Supplies/Giveaways/Prize Incentives = $134.13

Grand Total = $1141.41

Now I could go into a rant about how much librarians are personally donating to make their libraries a better place for their service population - but why not let those numbers speak for themselves hmmm?

The vast majority of the books did end up in our collection - a good thing since I can't remember the last new paperback the library system bought me (oh wait, I think it was To Die For by Linda Howard). Although the box I brought in today mainly contained older series titles that I tried selling on (and failed for the most part). Those went immediately to the "sell cart" our Friends Of The Library has here in the building. They should go like hot cakes at only $.25 a pop.

And just for Maili's benefit - yes, I started Carved In Stone by Vickie Taylor last night and am nearing the halfway mark. It's very intriguing so far, and I hope to have it finished by Wednesday at the latest. And yes, I promise to blog about it.


Nicole said...

That's a lot of money. I say you come over to the library here, they seem to like spending money.

lost said...

Wendy, did you not know that my real name is Maili Central Library? Yup, I'm where everyone visits.

Wait. That doesn't come out well.