Thursday, May 26, 2005

Zippity Do Da

It's official - I read a hell of a later faster when I don't think too hard.

It's been one week since I finished my last review book (I'm currently in between shipments) and in that time I have read 4 books. OK - more like 3.5 since one was a young adult novella and I'm not sure that counts as a whole book.

When I review a book I tend to analyze every..single..word. I don't want to miss one..scrap..of..information. When I'm reading for pleasure I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a bit more. In essence, I shut off my brain.

I've been trying to read stuff that's been buried in my TBR for an embarrassingly long time, and unfortunately I've been met with some pretty ho-hum books. Here's the rundown:
  1. The Tutor by Portia Da Costa - which I already blogged about. The best read of the past week.
  2. Behind The Mask by Metsy Hingle - romantic suspense novel from 3 years ago and not very good. The villain was rather one dimensional (obsessed with heroine, and what exactly were his dirty business dealings that left an FBI agent dead?). But it did give me an idea for my next RTB column - so not a total waste of time.
  3. The Princess Present by Meg Cabot - an 80-something page novella in the wildly popular Princess Diaries series. Cute and fluffy - but too much of Lilly's bullshit for my tastes.
  4. Badlands Law by Ruth Langan - ugh, I normally like Langan, but this heroine about drove me nuts. So perfect, so innocent, ever the martyr. Gag me with a spoon. Also the hero's baggage was very minimal explored so he comes off a touch whiny. Still, the other two books in this trilogy look rather promising, so glad I have them in the TBR.
I'm now working on The Bride And The Beast by Teresa Medeiros. Probably a good thing it was buried in my TBR, otherwise it might have drifted away. It's pretty fluffy so far - not that that's a bad thing. I believe I picked up this book for free at the RWA conference way back in 2002.

I really should think about getting some help. Normal people do not leave unread books lying around for 3+ years.


sybil said...

I have The Bride And The Beast by Teresa Medeiros! And it has only been sitting tbr for two years.

so there


Wendy said...

How sad is this? I'm now picking my reads by how long they've been in my TBR. I put a couple books aside last night because I'd only had them for about six months - that's when I went digging and found the Medeiros.

Wendywoo said...

Hi fellow Wendy!

I should have an *all new* Black Lace novel out next year! Bit different in style to my older stuff, but in a good way, hopefully!


Wendywoo aka Portia Da Costa

Wendy said...

WooHoo! New Black Lace!

Candy said...

I have books that are TBR going back FOUR YEARS. From authors I really like, even, like Ruth Wind and Theresa Weir.

I'm going to go into my corner and sob quietly now, because obviously I have a serious book problem. Is there Betty Ford for book junkies?

sybil said...

never read Ruth Wind and Theresa Weir...

Is it a problem if you don't want to fix it?

Wendy said...

I have that same affliction. I have scads of books in my TBR by favorite authors - Kathryn Shay, Susan Wiggs, Pamela Morsi, Maggie Osborne.....

At least with Osborne I can now justify that "Hey, she's retired! I need keep some of her books in my TBR in case of an emergency!"

Like I'm being held captive by books featuring TSTL heroines or Alpha jerk heroes that I want to get hit by an 18-wheeler.....

lost said...

*laugh* Exactly, Wendy. :)

Nicole said...

Oh, I definitely read faster when not bogged down by the idea that I have to write a review for the book.

I think I read that Medeiros a long time ago, but can't remember. might have to search for it again. I have Yours Until Dawn in my tbr pile, but nothing too old of hers.

Wendy said...

I liked Yours Until Dawn - but I know several readers who loved it. And The Bride And The Beast was fun. I mean, it didn't strain my brain, but it was a very pleasant take on one of my favorite fairy tales.