Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tag! You're It!

I've been tagged by both Alison and Kate, and since they're both asking different questions I'll answer both sets. First up, from Alison:

Total number of books I own:
Do we have to talk about this? I haven't done a hard count in a while, so this is merely a guess. 600?

Last books I bought:
Went to a booksigning yesterday and got - What Rough Beast by H.R. Knight, No More Lies by Susan Squires, Deadly Games by Thom Racina, Mission: Irresistible by Lori Wilde, Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster, Hot Tamara by Mary Castillo and Couch World by Cathy Yardley.

Five books that meant a lot to me:
  1. Nevada Nights by Ruth Ryan Langan - the very first romance I ever read
  2. Breathless by Laura Lee Guhrke - the best romance heroine librarian ever.
  3. Cooking Up A Storm by Emma Holly - the book that started my erotica glom
  4. The Star King by Susan Grant - OK, I still have this book in my TBR. However it was the first book that ever featured a quote from one of my reviews! I got such a kick out of it!
  5. Mother Rabbit's Son Tom by Dick Gackenbach - my very favorite book as a child. My parents probably can still recite it from memory
Who I Am Tagging:
No one. You can all breathe easy.

Now on to Kate's questions:

What is your ideal job/career: Librarian.

Seven reasons you like it:
  1. I like helping people
  2. I find being surrounded by books relaxing
  3. The job changes from day-to-day. It's certainly never boring.
  4. I love keeping up with all the latest publishing news - although now I work for a system that is broke, so this has fallen by the wayside.
  5. I love answering a really tough reference question.
  6. Those little moments when you realize that yes, your job really is helping people. You are making a difference!
  7. I love reader's advisory. I could talk to people all day about books!
Do you expect you'll get this job:
Got it! Have it!

Who Am I Tagging?
Again, no one. You can all breathe easy again.


Nicole said...

I'm curious to know about Hot Tamara. I keep thinking about getting it, but then I change my mind. lol

I wanted to be a librarian. I loved working in my college one during college, but requires more school and I don't know if I'd get a job around here. And it requires more school. and well, I mostly dealt with gov docs..and really, how useful is that?

lost said...

OK, I'm feeling dense. Kate tagged me as well, but what is 'ideal job'? Is it as in a dream job, or as in the best job I've ever had?

OK, now I feel incredibly stupid.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about Squires's NO MORE LIES and Yardley's COUCH WORLD [I never finished it, but I have an intention to finish it some day].

Nicole said...

I have No More Lies on my tbr pile. Ack...way too many books to read.

Jennifer Apodaca said...

Hi Wendy,

Just wanted to tell you how nice it was to see you at the booksigning yesterday!


Wendy said...

The great thing about being a librarian is that the field is wide open! You can literally be everything from an archivist to a school librarian :-) But yeah, it's an ungodly amount of schooling.

I take "ideal job" to mean "dream job." My dream job would actually be getting paid to sit home and read books all day - but alas, not exactly a viable career option. So, I went with my second choice - librarian.

Jennifer - it was nice to see you too! See ya in Reno!