Thursday, May 5, 2005


Remember the saga of the rabbits? Well I have good news! Turns out one of the librarians at a nearby library adores rabbits. In fact, she has a pet rabbit at home that she rescued after it was abandoned at my library several years earlier. So she drove on down here and was able to capture one of ours. Turns out he was a boy-rabbit. I never got close enough to pick the rascal up to figure that out.

Unfortunately, this little fellow's partner in crime is no longer with us. We have no concrete proof - but we fear the little guy met the wrong end of a car. But I'm keeping an eye out for him (or her) just in case we're wrong!

In other bizarre library news, I arrived at the office this morning to find a bag of groceries sitting by the staff entrance door. Yes, a bag of groceries! The only possible explaination I have for this is that someone left it here for our homeless population.

I'm also waging The Great Dumpster Battle of 2005. I used to have 2 dumpsters. Then someone figured out that we were only paying for 1, so the garbage company came and took the other away. Between the neighboring park, and the good citizens of this city, I've basically been dumpster-less. It's jammed and overflowing by Monday afternoon - and given that we only have one pick up (on Thursdays), it's getting to be a major inconvenience.

I'm not sure if this problem will ever be solved (nobody has any money!). Slapping a lock on it won't solve anything because people will just pile the garbage around the dumpster (they already do this and the damn thing is unlocked). I'd be happy with one extra pick-up or the park getting their own damn dumpter - but I'm not holding my breath. Again, nobody has any money. Still, I'm kicking up a fuss just for the heck of it. Sometimes I suspect it's just because I like the sound of my own ranting voice.


shayera said...

good grief! you and i must be working in some sort of parallel library universe. i had an abandoned bunny situation at my branch last summer. but it was only one bunny. and i got some very nice people to take it that same day.

Wendy said...

We're right next door to a city park, so I figure that's why the abandoned bunnies were dumped off here.