Sunday, April 24, 2005


It's NFL Draft weekend, which means I've become a football widow. The boyfriend is a draft junkie and was literally glued to the TV all day yesterday.

So I used this as a convenient excuse to hit my favorite new & used bookstore - which recently moved to a new location. The clerks there are really fantastic, and the store is extremely romance friendly. While chatting, one of the clerks mentioned how the local public library has been really snotty about taking their overstock. I told her that since they had money, they had the luxury of being bitchy. Then, she offered to give them to me for my library. I said, "Hell yes! Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

I am currently the sole supplier for my library's romance collection. Seriously. And regardless of what I add to the collection (whether it be new books or titles a couple of years old) they go flying out the door. They even regularly show up on request lists for other branches. So I'm desperate for more.

Most of what I got were category books - which I do not catalog thanks to my very limited space. However, I am always able to sell Harlequins on our Friends Of The Library used book cart. In fact, I have women who buy them by the bag. Given that many of my patrons have learned English later in life, category books are really ideal. They're easy to read, and are shorter books - averaging around 200 pages. So I know they'll get snapped up quick once I put them out to sell.

I walked away with 4 boxes. Most will be sold, but there were a few titles that I'll add to the circulating collection. These books will be money makers for us, and I'm so glad I found another source of income for our Friends Of The Library - very nice folks who help us out a lot!

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Nicole said...

I love when libraries have a good Friends of the Library sale area. My favorite was always manned by the nicest little old ladies. They also always had lots of good new release hardbacks for cheap. I miss it and always go back when I visit home.