Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Conversion Tales

I've finally gotten The Older Sister to read some Tess Gerritsen novels. Way back in July, I got her a signed copy of The Surgeon and the big wimp refused to read it. My sister, the same woman who used to read Stephen King books in the family basement - after dark I might add. She gave me some poor excuse about being 8 months pregnant and how she couldn't handle violence in her books just then.


So I concentrated on The Younger Sister - who devoured all four of Gerritsen's Rizzoli/Isles books. She gushed. I gushed. The Older Sister finally cracked when my nephew was six months old - although I had to reassure her last weekend.

Older Sister: So I've started Body Double. I'm not sure I can read this Wendy.
Me: Why? Oh, you mean that poor pregnant woman who gets buried alive?
Older Sister: Yeah, I skimmed that chapter.
Me: Would it help if I told you everything works out OK for her?
Older Sister: Yeah, actually it would. I'll go back and reread that chapter....

I'm assuming she's finished the book by now, and plan on getting a full report this weekend.

Also, my Adult Services Librarian is now listening the Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries on audio. She must have gotten curious after she saw me checking out the latest from work (Princess In Training). She's enjoying them immensely, and told me she's never had so much fun on her drive into work.

And speaking of Princess In Training - The Younger Sister was right, it is really good. Besides being very funny (two words: Baby Licker), I liked the fact that Mia was obsessing about an issue that many high school girls face. That is, she has a college boyfriend, does he now expect her to "Do It?" This is one YA series that I have yet to get tired of. I can't beleive I now have to wait a whole blessed year for book VII - Party Princess doesn't hit until March 2006.

Postscript: Talked to the sister after I got home from work. She loved Body Double! Was there ever any doubt?


shayera said...

I used to cheat and get my Princess Diaries early from Amazon UK - they's be published in October. But the eighth book is being published in England the same time as it's being published here.
I really enjoy all of Meg's books. Heck, I have all here older historicals as well.

shayera said...

seventh! i meant seventh! the follow up to all american girl should be amusing in the interim, though.

Ana T. said...

LOL Wendy I couldn't find a Body Double review on your blog but you can see I thoroughly searched for it. I guess if everything turns out ok for the pregnant lady I might as well pick it soon. ;-)

Wendy said...

Ana: Yeah, doesn't look like I did a real review for Body Double - but I did love that book. It's a close tie between The Sinner and Body Double on my favorite in the series. And yes, everything turns out A-OK for the pregnant lady who literally (not joking) spends the whole book buried alive.