Monday, April 11, 2005

Hello Shit, Meet Fan

So Alison Kent has outted herself as one of the mysterious creators behind Romancing The Blog.

Naturally the online blog chatter has ranged from "Ha, I knew it!" to "That's cool" to "That devious bitch lied to us!"

And since you all care ever so much about my opinion (ha!) here it goes:

I actually wish I would have known in the beginning, as it would have made my decision easier! When I was approached about being a columnist, by an individual I'd never heard of before, I was skeptical. I've gotten a lot of "invitations" over the years to join other sites - some of which smelled about as legit as one week old salmon left out in the sun. Deciding factors for me were the fact that several authors had already signed up (including Alison!), LLB (who is nothing but cautious) and fellow TRR reviewer Alyssa. I figured I could always back out if the whole thing turned out to be a nightmare. So far, it hasn't.

Am I personally peeved with Alison? No not really. I mean, I understand why she did it. That said, while I think Alison is an interesting person online I don't really know her. She's not a friend. I've never met her. I've never sat down with her and had an in-depth conversation. Hell, I've never had an in-depth conversation with her online. She's merely a romance author who writes a blog I enjoy reading. So I'm not personally offended by her lie by omission.

Now if I were Alison's friend? Maybe even a fellow colleague/author? Maybe I'd be upset. But shoulda, woulda, coulda. I'm none of those, so I'm not really upset. I know several people who lie by omission when it comes to their Internet personalities. Just like there is a Home Wendy and Librarian/Work Wendy. I wear different hats depending on the situation I'm in.

This whole brouhaha stems from criticism recently levelled at Romancing The Blog by readers who have found it lacking. I can understand their opinions, but to me it very much reads like a magazine. I'm not going to love every article in a magazine, just as I don't love every blog entry over at RtB. Some columnists are wonderful writers, and some of us need help.

I know my columns are certainly not the best written, but I knew that going on. Hell, anyone who reads my blog should know that. I've always been more of a stream of consciousness rambler than someone who really works on her writing. But that's OK. I'm sure some readers hate my entries - and that's fine! Really. And I know some readers kind of like my entries. That's OK too. What I like so far about RtB is that there are a lot of different voices. Even I haven't been wowed by all the entries, but the collection of various voices in one place makes it rather interesting. Downright cool if you will.

So I'll keep plugging away and do my best to think up new columns. Right now I've written 2 rough drafts and am chewing on a third idea. Next post is set for May 2.


Kate R said...

Yeah, what you said. Exactly so.

Nicole said...

So this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but the librarian in the book I just read was named Crutcher. Thought it was funny.

Wendy said...

OMG - that's so cool! What book? Do tell, do tell!

Nicole said...

It's Storm Watcher by Lilith Saintcrow. Urban fantasy from Imajinn Books.