Friday, April 8, 2005


OK, so I've changed templates again. I decided I really should probably have a "Previous Posts" section over on my sidebar, which prompted the change.

One thing I can't seem to figure out though is titles. How the heck can I give my blog entries titles on Blogger? Can someone dumb it down for me?

In that same vane - is it just me or has Blogger become possessed by a demon? It seems better now, but this week it was a bitch for me to post entries, pictures, or comments without getting the dreaded "Document Contains No Data" error message. Gawd, I hate that error message.

I'm do not need to go into the office again until Monday - and this long weekend couldn't have come a moment too soon let me tell ya. We've been out of our minds busy for the last two weeks. Thankfully we were dead yesterday, so it gave me a chance to clean off my desk. My big plans are to get a long overdue hair cut, sleep, read, sleep, watch too much TV and sleep some more.

Could my life possibly get more glamourous?


jimmytwoshirts said...

I can explain it, but blogger comments don't allow me to post html code, so send me an email. (address is on the site).

Nicole said...

Um...isn't there a bar that says "title" when you go to write a post at blogger?

Umm...I think that didn't help you much.

sybil said...

I don't know about anyone else but I couldn't get blogger to do shit last night.

I hated it muchly. But this morning it seems to be fine. Go figure.

Wendy said...

Nicole - Unfortunately no, there isn't a separate title field.

Jimmy - I'll e-mail you! Yeah, more HTML to decipher :(

Sybil - Blogger has been a pain in the a$$ for about a week now. I finally got a picture to post this morning after trying since Tuesday.

Nicole said...

That's strange. My blogger shows a title field above where you write your post. Well, I hope you get it figured out.

Nicole said...

Wait, Wendy, in Blogger, go to Change Settings, then click on formatting. There's a Show Title field thing. Maybe yours is turned off. You might try that.