Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Adventures In Library Land

The next person who says to me, "Oh your job must be so lovely and stress-free" is getting a smack upside the head.

Last night, right at closing, one of my library pages discovered that someone had been smoking in the men's room. Only cigarettes - thank god. Now, I walked past this guy in the stacks some minutes earlier and did take note that he was one rank little dude. I'm used to cigarette smoke (I have relatives who are slaves to nicotine), so it's not a scent that normally bothers me. But this guy reeked. Turns out he reeked because he was lighting up in our small, confined, and certainly not up to code, men's bathroom.

I actually find this whole thing really amusing. I live in Southern California for cripes sake! The weather is never bad enough where people need to resort to catching their nicotine fix in public restrooms. Really, why he couldn't smoke outside is anyone's guess.

Today I sat through the World's Most Boring Meeting, and arrived at my library at 1PM to be informed by my Children's Librarian that some good samaritan dumped a hypodermic needle behind the building where staff park. Nice. This area continues to be a serious problem for me, as it is secluded and not well lit. I shudder to think about what goes on back there after hours.

Now, call me wacky, but hypodermic needles left on public library property make me a little cranky. Not only is it a serious health hazard - but I have children running in and out of this building all day long! So I called the local police (for the 3rd time on this issue - but who's counting?) and asked the dispatch lady (nicely) if she could please ask the beat cops to patrol behind our building after hours. I'm not asking for the moon here - I just want them to drive their cruiser around back every once and a while.

In more pleasant news, since this is National Volunteer Week, I decided to do something nice to recognize our 2 regular volunteers. I ordered a cake. Nothing says thank you quite like copious amounts of sugar.

In exciting news - I'm thisclose to signing up to attend RWA in Reno. My immediate supervisor is going to try to convince the Big Boss to allow me to attend on library time. This would mean I wouldn't have to use any of my vacation time! The catch is that I'd have to share what I learned with the others when I returned home - but that wouldn't be a hardship. Give me 5 minutes and I can talk anyone's ear off about romance novels....


shayera said...

ooh, sorry about the sucky work stuff! today seems to have brought out all the loons, including the young woman i spoke to this morning who wanted the website address ofr city personnel. seems she wants to apply to be a librarian. does she have a Master's in Library Science you ask? why no. no she doesn't. in fact, she hasn't even finished college! but, she tells me, "she knows everything she needs to be a librarian".
i hope you get them to pay for you to go to RWA. that would be super. my librarian friends and i are taking vacation days and paying for our own trips to BookExpo this year.

Alyssa said...


That would be so awesome if you went to the Reno RWA. I'm going, though just for the signing, so it'd be terrific to meet you in person! Keep us posted.


Wendy said...

Oh, we get people like that too! I have one nutso woman who always wants to give me her resume. Luckily I just tell her - all hiring is done through HR blah, blah, blah.

As for attending RWA - I won't get reimbursed for travel expenses at all (no budget) - but the free vacation time would certainly be welcome! I'll need to take off about 3 days, and since I've only had this job for a year, my leave balances are a bit meager.

Caro said...

No fun about the sucky stuff -- and when you said it was a guy lighting up in your men's room, my mind immediately flipped to the fire at the LA Public Library downtown, which was started by a transient in the fiction stacks.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the time for the RWA conference; funding would be better, but I'd take the time as well. As for sharing what you learn -- gee, you have to discuss your trip with your fellow co-workers. Such a burden. :)

shayera said...

Oh Wendy, did you ever solve your radio problem? I've got another suggestion for you. 101.5 from San Diego is pretty good for classic rock. Their morning team is irritating, but they play good music. I can only get it on my car radio during the spring to autumn months. must be some thing about the wind direction in the valley. But try it and see if it works for you.

Wendy said...

Thanks Shayera! I'll probably be able to pick it up at home, but it might be iffy the closer I get to the office.

Right now I'm working on audio books, so my radio issues are solved for the time being :)