Wednesday, March 9, 2005

RTB Teasers

Thanks to the software we use over at Romancing The Blog, columnists can "post" their entries early and they won't show up until the specific date we're assigned (my next post is scheduled for April 2). It also allows us to see the titles of other posts in the works. Later this month looks to be good - Lori Devoti's title to her next entry had me laughing out loud and Alyssa's next post should generate a lot of discussion. I can't wait to read both entries - and that's all you're getting out of me. You'll just have to wait.

In other news, I'm seriously cheesed off over here. I placed in order with eHarlequin back on February 14 (what can I say? It was a Valentine's Day sale!) and I have yet to receive my order. OK, so it usually does come by pony express from Buffalo, NY - but geez, c'mon already! I also fired off an e-mail to Customer Service back on Monday and have yet to hear one teeny-tiny peep out of them. They have until Friday - then they get a phone call.

I'll be wrapping up Ashes Of Dreams by Ruth Ryan Langan this week and I'm already flummoxed as to what I'll read next. I was thinking either a Harlequin Historical or a category romance. Now I'm thinking I'm in the mood for English setting (no Hell has not frozen over. I adore English settings, I just can't tolerate a steady diet of them).

This is why I keep reviewing - I need TRR's editor to make my reading decisions for me. When I have a stack of review books, I know what I'm reading next. Sometimes when I'm left to my own devices I'm incapable of making a decision. With hundreds of books at my fingertips it really shouldn't be that hard - should it?

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