Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I have an online bud who reads a lot. The secrets to her success are:
  1. Living in New York City - she reads on the subway.
  2. She barely watches TV - she reads instead.
  3. She suffers from insomnia - so she reads instead of sleeps.
There are days I wish I could take a train to work - if only to get more reading done. And while I don't watch a ton of TV, there are days I need it's brain-numbing effect after work.

But insomnia? No thank you. However, my body/mind had other ideas last night.

By my calculations I got about 3 restless hours of sleep. Now some of you might be able to function on that. Heck, my mother and sisters can function on that. I, however, can not. I'm a need-8-hours-to-function sort of girl. And even then I need to get my caffeine in me.

So at about 2AM I just gave up. No need to disturb the boyfriend with my tossing and turning. So I read a few more chapters of Petty Treason by Madeleine Robins and watched a rerun of Law & Order I had on TiVo. Then I took a 30 minute cat nap on the couch.

I'm ready to crawl into a hole and die.


lost said...

Your online bud's 'secrets' are similar to mine. I live near Birmingham and I work p/t in London = a lot of reading time on trains. Plus, I suffer from insomnia [hence erratic times of my posts at my blog :D]. Funny enough, I can't read at home. I used to work from home, so it's still hard to associate home with solo leisure. :)

How are you liking Robins's book so far? BTW, that librarians in films book? It's worth reading.

Wendy said...

I'm liking the Robins book quite a bit, although people should definately start with book 1 "Point Of Honour." "Petty Treason" basically gives away the resolution to the first book.

I enjoy this series so much because it explores the darker side of the Regency. A typical Regency romance certainly never mentions sewage, brothels catering to S&M, or the fact that Fallen Women are seen as little more than "whores in training."

I plan on blogging about it more thoroughly when I'm finished - hopefully by Monday. And thanks for letting me know your final word on the librarians in film book :)