Thursday, March 17, 2005


St. Patrick's Day is a holiday I don't get - and yes, I'm Irish. I think the reason I don't understand it is because Americans use it as an excuse to act like idiots. Let's celebate Christianity coming to Ireland by getting falling down stinking drunk on nasty tasting, cheap green beer?! I don't get that.

I also have a hard time celebating a religion coming to a country that has seen numerous crimes, deaths and murders perpetuated in the name of two dominations affiliated with said religion.

And before anyone gets snotty - I'm not knocking religion. I'm knocking the horrible atrocities that are committed by petty, mean-spirited evil men who jusify their actions through religion. Any religion. Christianity certainly hasn't cornered the market on that.

Update on the burglar alarm going off at my library - turns out it probably wasn't someone trying to break in. When service to the main water line is interrupted for X amount of time it sets off the alarm. The running theory is that is what happened here.

In other library news - I have homeless people using the library grounds as their own personal locker rooms (and god knows what else). They're leaving coats, backpacks etc. lying around in one of my back patio areas.

Now, contrary to popular opinion, I really am a bleeding heart by nature. I really do sympathize with the blight of many homeless - because so many of them are mentally ill. I would have no issues with them staying on library grounds after business hours - assuming they didn't trash the place. And naturally they do trash the place. They trash the grounds with garbage and their own belongings - plus they have the disgusting habit of using my parking lot for a toilet.

Can everyone say it with me? Ewwwwwwww

I wrapped up The Irish Bride by Alexis Harrington yesterday - and after finishing it I got an idea for my next Romancing The Blog entry. My post for April 2 is set - but now I have an idea to kick around for May.

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