Friday, March 18, 2005

And Party Every Day

The older I get (I'll be leaving behind my 20s this summer) the more I want straight-ahead rock and roll. I want "Helter Skelter." I want "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress." I want "Honky Tonk Woman."

Oh sure, I love pop music. The problem is I enjoy intelligent pop music - and that's about as hard to find as a California girl with natural, um, assets.

One of the first radio stations I discovered upon moving to the west coast was a fairly decent classic rock station. I could get my Queen, Steve Miller, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones and early U2 fix.

Not anymore.

Sometime yesterday they switched formats - and I'm still trying to figure out what they're trying to be. They're tag line is "Playing What We Want." And they certainly are. I'm not sure how happy I am about it either. So far a sample listening has netted songs by:
  • Prince
  • Rick Springfield
  • Huey Lewis
  • Aerosmith (crappy power ballad Aerosmith - not kick ass "Same Old Song And Dance" Aerosmith)
  • War ("Low Rider")
  • Steve Miller
  • New Order (this one threw me - 1980s synth pop?!)
  • Sweet ("Ballroom Blitz")
  • Joshua Tree era U2
  • Bryan Adams (shudder)
  • Duran Duran
  • Def Leppard
  • 1970s Elton John
OK, what the hell is this about?! Dammit - I need my Lynyrd Skynyrd!

In their favor, so far there's been no annoying dj chatter. I hate morning radio. Just shut the fudge up and play some music already. Give me the weather. Give me the traffic. Then get the hell off the radio. We'll see if this trend continues though.

P.S. - Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad! 35 years and Dad hasn't totally lost his mind....yet.


shayera said...

Have you tried 95.5? It's... okay. But you would get your fix there.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the suggestion Shayera! Just got back from lunch with the boyfriend and I swear these are the songs I heard (in order I might add) on the drive home:

"Maggie Mae" by Rod Stewart
"All Apologies" by Nirvana
"I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles
"Bust A Move" by Young MC

In order and all on the same station. I'm still not sure what to make of it....

shayera said...

were you listening to 93.1? are they the ones that changed format? i usually just flip up and down the dial all the time on my drives. it's true, l.a. radio sucks out loud.

Wendy said...

Yeah, it's 93.1. Frankly, I can't figure it out. It's like they're trying to be all things to all people.

I will say that so far the one nice thing has been no mindless dj chatter! However, I don't expect that to last forever....

shayera said...

i endlessly search for radio that is not mindless corporate dreck here. 93.1 had been around in the same format for years, so it's something of a surprise to hear that they've switched. i tend to run through a lot of cds in the the car as well. my commute isn't long enough for audio books.

Nicole said...

Ah..the evils of ClearChannel. Yuck. I just listen to cds in the car, it's too much trouble to find good stuff on the radio.