Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wascally Wabbits

Just when I think I have this job figured out something truly bizarre happens. I'm really not making the following story up. I'm not this creative even with the help of alcohol.

We were closed on Saturday thanks to Lincoln's birthday. Or was it Washington? Whatever. So by Monday our book drop was chock full of library materials. I'm talking a mountain here. While I was sorting through all this stuff I looked out our front doors, which are all glass. Lo and behold I saw two very cute, very fluffy bunny rabbits. Not wild rabbits - pet rabbits.

Living in Southern Cali, the distinction wasn't hard to make. These fellas are cute, look fully grown, well fed and are black. Wild rabbits out here stay fairly small and scrawny looking - plus they aren't black. There are hordes of them living in the park near my apartment.

Now, I would like to think that these cute little guys escaped from their cage in someone's back yard. However, and this is more likely, their asshole owner decided they didn't want them anymore and abandoned them in the park that's adjacent to my library.

Bugs Bunny - Gee E.B., looks like we're screwed. Here we are in this wide open park.
Easter Bunny - Wait B.B.! Look over there!
Bugs Bunny - Hey, look at all the delicious ivy around that building. Let's move in.

So now I have two unofficial library mascots. Bugs and Easter aren't exactly original names. Maybe I should start calling them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?

Not knowing what else to do, I called Animal Control. Yes, I know the little guys will most likely end up euthenized. But better dying that way than:
  1. Getting hit by a car (the library is located on very busy street)
  2. Getting harassed by idiot kids - or idiot adults for that matter
  3. Getting barbequed by one of the locals for a tasty dinner
Yesterday's call to Animal Control netted me voice mail. A voice mail that no one ever returned. I called again today to learn that they will not send an officer out to pick them up until the animals are contained. This means:
  1. I catch them and put them in a box
  2. I somehow convince the county (ha ha ha ha ha) to rent a humane trap
My direct superior is currently thinking on the matter, although she made it fairly clear she doesn't want staff trying to catch the little guys.

And no, I'm not looking to gain 2 pets. I already have the boyfriend. He's enough.

Who says library work is boring?

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