Saturday, February 5, 2005

Librarian Whine

Another Saturday and I'm at work.

I always laugh at people who, once they learn I'm a librarian, innocently comment that it must be a nice, quiet job with good hours and low stress.


You know how many weekend and evening hours a librarian works? Quite a few. There are 2 nights a week I'm here until 8PM and every other Saturday I'm here from 8AM-5PM. Let me just tell you that really shoots one's weekend all to hell.

But I should stop complaining. I do get a ton of holiday time off (God bless Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln....) and I never have to work Fridays. Really, it's quite choice.

My boyfriend called me at work earlier to ask me something, and I inquired about "doing someting and/or going somewhere" tonight. His reponse? "Syracuse is playing at 6PM." So while he's hollering at the basketball team, I'll probably be hiding out in the bedroom reading more of Avenging Angel by Justine Dare. I promise to report more thoroughly on it when I'm finished. So far it's been quite good.

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