Saturday, February 19, 2005

I Think It Was South Beach

Jose Canseco is a scum bag.

There I said it.

However that doesn't mean I totally discredit the steriod allegations he lays out in his new book. This might be about the only topic Jose could ever discuss that I'd actually believe him on.

Still it pains me - because he pointed the finger at my boy, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. I've been in mourning. I've been damn near inconsolable. Pudge is the best thing that has happened to my beloved Detroit Tigers in a long time. He signed with that organization at a time when they were the laughing stock of MLB. So to think about him juicing is just too much for me to handle.

I was all set to live in denial until I made the mistake of going to the Detroit Tigers web site this morning. Seems Pudge came into spring training a little less pudgy. We're talking 20 lbs. lighter. Was it Atkins? South Beach? Or just no longer sticking a hypodermic needle in his butt?


He does look great though.

Really, is any baseball fan out in cyberspace really suprised? I'm not. MLB shouldn't be surprised either. They condoned the use of steroids for years with their silence. Everyone else saw the elephant standing in the living room, MLB just decided to drape a sheet over it. Now the intregity of the game is in question.

You know who's got to be pissed off the most though? Pete Rose. Here's a guy who got a lifetime ban from baseball for gambling. Yet, the way things stand now, juicers (oh let's just say it - cheaters!) face little consequence. Wow - the 4th time they're caught juicing they get a one year suspension! Why not just slap them on the hand?

You know what should happen? They should be drummed out of the league, have all their records revoked, given a lifetime ban, and stripped of any chance of getting into the Hall Of Fame.

But it will never happen.

In happier baseball news, Uggi's mama has finally been rescued after having been kidnapped 5 months ago. Frankly, I'm amazed the woman is still alive. Hopefully Uggi will get her the heck out of there and buy her some swank digs in Florida.

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