Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gift Giving 101

I have the best darn boyfriend in the whole world. Really I do. OK, so he's not perfect. He catagorically refuses to do the dishes. But he buys the best presents. I'm not just talking jewelry here. He really puts some thought into it.

So how can you get yourself a man who buys great gifts? So glad you asked! While there are exceptions to this cardinal rule, here is Miss Wendy's #1 Tip to scoring a man who gives great gifts....

Make sure he has sisters. And/or an overworked mother - take your pick. My man has 3 sisters and an overworked mother, so he's pretty with-it when it comes to understanding the female mind. Oh sure, he still gets flummoxed at times, but generally speaking he's smarter than the average bear.

Anywho, I got my Valentine's Day present early for a couple of reasons:
  1. I work until 8PM on that particular day
  2. The UPS man delivered my present last night
Let's rundown the last couple of gifts I've gotten:
  1. A day trip to a local spa where I was pampered for 8 hours (birthday present)
  2. Full English tea service (Christmas present)
This go-around I scored a bathrobe. Yes, only a bathrobe. But it's what I needed and wanted, plus it's uber-bathrobe! It's a chenille/microfiber blend and it's soooo soft. It's also a lovely dark shade of purple/red (the company calls it Merlot), so it won't suffer the fate of my last bathrobe, which was white and looked like something the cat coughed up when I finally got rid of it.

So that means I no longer have to putter around the apartment in my boyfriend's natty navy blue robe. Plus, this one is full length and has massive pockets in it.

Oh how I love that man!

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