Wednesday, February 2, 2005

And Hell Is Experiencing Mild Flurries

I've been lapsing in my blog posting and for that I apologize. I seem to be suffering from a general malaise that is leaving me lazy and dissatisfied - more so than usual. It's probably just chronic whinniness and I'll get over it.

In reading news, I broke form and did something I haven't done since April 2004. I read a Regency historical. I can faintly hear the gasps coming from the peanut gallery.

I don't really have any outright prejudices against the rise of the Regency historical, I just plain never cared for that time period in British history. It's really that simple. I tend to find the Victorians much more intriguing, mainly because they were such bloody hypocrites. On the surface they were all prim, proper, and buttoned up - but I like to think that behind closed doors they were debaucherous as all get out. I've also always been drawn to mid to late 19th century history because of the rise of industrialization. With that comes sweeping technological and moral changes. I find it all terribly interesting.

So that's why I don't read a lot of traditional Regencies or Regency historicals. I could give a flying fig about Beau Brummel and Prinny. Honestly.

But all that said, I completed Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn't madly love it, like a lot of readers I know - but it was a solid read, scoring a B- rating. My only real quibble was that the heroine morphs towards the end of the story. She's refreshingly forthright in the beginning, not beating around the bush and speaking her mind. Towards the end she begins hedging her bets - and I had a time reconciling the two facets. Will I read another Regency-set book sometime this year? Well I still have several by Kathryn Smith in my TBR - so it could happen.

I'm trying to make a concerted effort these days to read through some books that have been in my TBR for damn near forever. I've found I'm in the mood for mayhem, so I pulled out a romantic suspense novel next - Avenging Angel by Justine Dare. It's been in the ole' TBR for a year now.

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