Thursday, January 6, 2005

Wendy, Football Goddess

It's been a while since I've told a library story that didn't involve me bitching about not having any money - so I thought I'd change it up today.

I currently have the two cutest little boys in who were looking for a sports biography on Eric Dickerson. My adult services librarian was a bit confused so she deferred to me. I, of course, was like "Yeah, retired running back for the Rams - let's take a look on the catalog." These kids were like, "You know who Eric Dickerson is?!" Since then they've latched on to me and have kept asking me questions.

I'm like the coolest librarian ever!

And for the record - our one book on Dickerson was "Lost" (code for "some a-hole checked it out and never returned it) so the tykes settled for Bo Jackson.

They must get it from their father because both Dickerson and Jackson are way before these kids' times. Who says the youth of America cares nothing about history?

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