Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sick Day

I'm sick. Well sort of.

I was whipped yesterday. I'm talking so exhausted that I was ready to burst into tears. Ever get like that? I do - and it only makes me feel worse and confuses the hell out of my boyfriend.

It wasn't that yesterday was a bad day - just busy in a mind-numbing sort of way. Lots of problems to deal with. I'm sure administration is ready to lynch me. I also know that I'm tired of dealing with people who won't take responsibility for the fact that they checked out 25 books from the library and never returned them - so golly why did we sic the collection agency on them? You know, I want to say to these people - does the electric company just forgive you if you don't pay your bill and let you keep your electricity on for free?

Bite your tongue Wendy.

So back to the exhaustion - I literally passed out last night. My head hit the pillow and I was out. Gone. La-La Land. Only to wake up at 2:30AM with the sensation that I was going to hurl and with a headache that is still here. It's like a hive of killer bees is buzzing around my frontal lobe.

So I'm home today. I'm going to rest, relax and think about reading. I really have been neglecting The Challenge by Susan Kearney - not the books' fault, I'm being lazy. I also totally reworked my first blog entry for Romancing The Blog - which Katie MacAlister officially launched today. I was going to write a rant about the whole "mate" concept in werewolf romances, but opted instead to address the current rise of the paranormal genre in general.

I still have several days to tear both entries apart however. My first post isn't set to appear until January 31.

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