Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Believe I Learned That In My Library Plumbing 101 Class

It seems I never run out of library stories. Most of the time, around here at least, when it rains, it pours. Such is the case lately.

Today was storytime day, and while this one mother was checking out books for her kids she said to me: "I'm sorry to tell you this - but my daughter went to use the ladie's room and discovered the toilet is clogged up with toilet paper." I said: "Thank you for telling me."

So I trapised off to the janitor's closet to dig out our plunger - normally the hardest part about this job. It always seems to get wedged back behind the sink, which means I have to get on my knees and move cleaning supplies to fish it out.

Sure enough the toilet was full of TP - but that's not all! Someone was obvisously not feeling well. I'm glad I've lived places with bad plumbing. Library school certainly doesn't prepare you for toilet duty - but crumby pipes sure do!

Bet you weren't expecting toilet humor when you visited my blog today did you?

Then we had a deadly spider encounter. I need to get my ass back to Michigan - the mosquitos suck, but there are no spiders the size of my fist. This one was back by the reference desk, with my adult services librarian yelping for help and looking in my direction.

I am deathly afraid of spiders. I'm talking major phobia here. The little brown house variety I can handle - but these monster California spiders scare me spitless. Luckily my circulation clerk isn't a wimp and beat the hell out of it with a cooking magazine.

I consoled myself by going to In 'N Out Burger for lunch. So much for that New Year's resolution....

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