Friday, January 28, 2005

Errand Day

It's just after 9AM here on the west coast and I've already had a full rich day.
  1. I'm working on my last load of laundry
  2. I've set up my first post for Romancing The Blog - look for it on January 31!
  3. I've installed Turbo Tax software on my computer. Now I just need to wait for my student loan interest statement and I can get my taxes done. Fun, fun, fun.
  4. I've decided to finally dismantle my neglected web site. I've kept a few pages though, and added them to the links section to the right.
  5. I've infused my blood stream with a pot of tea. Ah, sweet blissful caffeine.
In a bit I need to make a post office run (I've been a selling machine over at, the video store, and I think I may go shopping. I have a $10 off coupon for J.C. Penney burning a hole in my pocket and I really need a new bathrobe. I've been commandeering my boyfriend's. It's not like he wears it - but it looks like a guy's bathrobe. I'm hoping to find something more girly.

I need to think about cleaning this apartment, but more importantly, I really need to finish The Challenge by Susan Kearney! It's not a bad book - really. I mean, I do have some issues (most involving the Neanderthal Alpha hero) but generally speaking it's quite entertaining. I promise a more in depth report once I stop being lazy and finish it.

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