Monday, January 3, 2005

2004 - Book Year In Review

This being January 3, I figure it's high time I recap my 2004 year in reading. I read 79 books this past year, the exact same number I managed to polish off 2003. At least I'm consistent. Here is a breakdown of the highlights, and lowlights:

Worst Reads or as I like to call them "Oh The Horrors!" books:
Hot Pink by Susan Johnson
The Cat Who Talked Turkey by Lilian Jackson Braun - this pains me since I grew up reading this series.

Biggest Disappointments:
One Dark Night by Jaid Black
The Irish Devil by Diane Whiteside
Both Romantica novels that forgot the romance.

The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs - there was subplot in this book that didn't work for me at all. Also, I've found that Wiggs' contemporary voice just doesn't move me like her historical one.

Best Reads of 2004 - Various Publication Dates
Jane's Warlord by Angela Knight
Come To Me by Lisa Cach
Dream Of Me by Lisa Cach
I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason by Susan Kandel
Midnight Rain by Holly Lisle
Feel The Heat by Kathryn Shay (HSR 871)
The Man Who Loved Christmas by Kathryn Shay (HSR 877)
Cooking Up A Storm by Emma Holly
Light My Fire by Jane Graves
Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong
Leave It To Cleavage by Wendy Wax

Authors I "Discovered" In 2004:
Laura Levine
Tess Gerritsen (awesome!)

As far as reading resolutions for 2005 - I'm going to work extra hard to read 100 books. I'm a slow reader, so I might need to read more Harlequins to pull it off. I also would love to read through some of the author backlists I've accumulated. The biggest "offenders" being Kathryn Shay, Susan Grant, Pamela Morsi and Maggie Osborne.

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