Thursday, December 9, 2004

::Squeal:: I have a cute British boy visiting my blog!

At least I'm assuming his British. I mean, one doesn't have to be British to actually live in Britain right?

I'll admit it - I dig the accent. Heck, I even like listening to those Oasis guys talk even though I can't understand a bloody thing they say.

In my younger, debaucherous days I was a mild-mannered British history student. There was this exchange student in one of my general British history courses. Now, I've never been the type for "bad boys." Tattoos and multiple piercings just aren't my thing (all I can think is ouch!). But every time this guy opened his mouth in class and spoke, my knees turned to jelly. And he wasn't even that good looking really. Again, the whole bad-boy-punk thing just isn't my bag. But that voice! I just closed my eyes and thought about Pierce Brosnan.

And yes, I understand that Pierce is technically Irish - but whatever. You get the idea.

In library news, let me share with you all one of the many joys of working with the public - body odor. There was a guy in the library today that could have wilted flowers. No joke. Now, I try to be understanding, but sometimes it's really hard. I know that being homeless and/or mentally-not-all-there can mean that your hygiene won't be the greatest. But I think I lost nose hairs with this guy today. I wanted to chase him outside and turn the hose on him.

And in the more than you probably needed to know department - I have a hickey. I'm 29 years old and my boyfriend gave me a hickey. I have no one to blame but myself really. I mean, I let him give me the hickey. I look diseased. I've always bruised easily (damn my British/Irish ancestory!) so I wouldn't be surprised if this thing begins to turn yellow around the edges. I have visions of little old ladies passing me by on the street chanting "Unclean! Unclean!"

But there I go being melodramatic again....

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