Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I will not bitch about my job ever again - well at least for a few days anyway. I have the best staff ever!

I'm going to be in Michigan all next week, so we had our office "holiday celebration" today. I'm a bit on the lazy side, and I didn't like the idea of asking my staff to do anything extra like buy for a gift exchange, or show up to work early for breakfast - so we ordered pizza. I know, technically not very festive - but I also bought a couple of cakes! That has to count for something right?

Well anywho, after I got back from picking up the pizza they presented me with a card. Guess what these wonderful people got me? A $35 gift card for Barnes & Noble! I'm already drooling over the prospect. I can do a fair amount of damage at $35.

I also got two (count 'em two) boxes of See's chocolates. One from one of my volunteers and another from one of my pages (who shouldn't have - the county doesn't him pay him squat and he bought boxes for everyone on staff).

Now I'm wondering if I can squeeze a bookstore run in before we leave for Michigan on Saturday....

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