Monday, November 22, 2004

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so that means I'm hopping on a plane for central New York state tomorrow. The tradition for the last several years has been Thanksgiving with the boyfriend's family, Christmas with my family. So this will be my last post until sometime next week. I'll be too busy gorging myself, reading, watching football, sleeping and freezing to death to putz around with a computer much.

I did wrap up a pretty good suspense novel this morning - Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb. There's a bit of a romance tossed in, but I find that Lamb's books tend to work best as suspense novels first, minor romance sub plot second.

The heroine kidnapped her son 15 years ago to escape the evil clutches on the boy's father. When a new private detective hired by the villain shows up in her life, everything careens down hill quickly. The boy is snatched back by his father, and the heroine is nearly killed by hired goons.

That private detective also happens to be our hero. He initially hates the heroine for what she has done - denying her son a father - but as his case begins to unravel, so does his first impression. Nothing is adding up, especially when the FBI becomes involved. Is it possible he was duped by his employer? And will the heroine be reunited with her son?

I love Lamb's writing because it's so action-packed. Something literally happens in every chapter of this book. I also liked the fact that the heroine defended herself and didn't just stand in a corner screaming while the hero did all the fighting (gawd, I hate that!) This girl is one tough chick. Heck, she has a dislocated shoulder throughout most of the story and still manages to bloody her share of noses and kick a few family jewels.

Of course, with all the action scenes, there isn't a ton of time devoted to the romance. Lamb slows it down a bit towards the end to allow the characters to consummate their relationship, which does help some.

Lamb writes for small press FiveStar - a publisher who does a lot of direct business with libraries. Their sticker price is a bit high ($26.95 for this book), but I do recommend going the library route to pick this one up. It's a page turner for sure.

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