Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My boyfriend doesn't understand my obsession with the Barber twins. He says they are too short and have "bobble heads." I think he's just jealous. Sure Ronde and Tiki claim to be happily married with children - but I know better. In between NFL games they are pining away for yours truly.

Me? Delusional? Maybe it's all this damned California sunshine cooking the few brain cells that survived my college days.

I wrapped up Death By Inferior Design by Leslie Caine yesterday and it ended up being a cute read. Long lost family plots are fairly common in mysteries, but when handled well I never tire of them. Caine gives hers some credence by writing in a lot of suspects. Honestly, I was really guessing as to who the heroine's birth parents were and there were a suitable amount of red herrings.

The heroine is an interior designer who gets a rude surprise when she arrives to her new job. She is to remodel a bedroom as a surprise to her client's wife. The catch of course is that she only has a weekend to do it - and her arch rival will be remodeling a den down the street. It's a competetion of sorts, with the obnoxious neighbor across the street judging. Whichever room "wins" that interior decorater will get a full spread in a local lifestyle magazine.

However things get real tricky when the heroine discovers a baby picture of herself in her clients' house. She was adopted and, on her death bed, her adoptive Mom made her swear to never find her birth parents. Why is that exactly? What was her mother trying to protect her from?

Then a dead body turns up and neighborly relations get real sticky. Then the heronie begins to wonder if she wasn't the intended target all along.

It's a lot of fun, and if you're an interior decorating nut this one will be right up your alley.

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