Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The last day of November ::sigh::

I guess this means I should really think about Christmas cards and shopping huh? Especially since I'm boarding a plane for Michigan on December 18.

I did manage to whip through 8 books this month, which is a really good total for me. I hit a bit of a skid in October when I read way too many paranormal books in a row. This month was a bit more eclectic having read suspense, mystery, historical romance, romantic suspense and series romance. I'm also officially up to 70 books read for 2004. So yeah me.

I wrapped up a really good series romance this morning - Three Little Words by Carrie Alexander (Harlequin SuperRomance 1186). This is book two in the author's North Country Stories series set in Michigan's Upper Pensiula.

This time out the heroine is the town librarian (who isn't a wallflower, prudish, virginal spinster - thank gawd!). The hero is a down-and-out true crime writer who comes back to town to visit with his ailing grandfather. Oh, and he also bought the local lighthouse which has since been decommissioned.

These two begin to spend time together after the hero asks the heroine to help teach his grandfather to read. But can they overcome small town gossip, their emotional baggage and fall in love?

Well of course they can - this is a romance novel after all. I like the way Alexander writes about the UP - sort of with a gee-golly affection. I also liked that the author got many of the details "right" concerning small town, backwoods libraries. It's a totally different animal, I assure you.

Next up is book three in this series - A Family Christmas (Harlequin SuperRomance 1239)

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