Monday, November 1, 2004

It dawned on me yesterday that it was Week 8, making the NFL season half over.


Normally what I do between the no-man's land of the NFL season ending and baseball season starting is watch the NHL. But with the lock-out still going on, it doesn't look good.

And don't even mention the NBA to me. How can anyone watch today's basketball? I will admit that I enjoyed watching the Pistons pound on the L.A. Lakers in the finals last year - but that's about it. I have little tolerance for the NBA these days. Repeat after me boys - "TEAM sport, TEAM sport...."

But back to football - who knew the Buffalo Bills could score 38 points? I actually still doubt that they can - since those 38 points were mainly the work of our special teams - which finally had a great game on Sunday.

In other news - tomorrow is Election Day! Yippee! Yahoo! You people in Florida better not muck this one up either! I can't take anymore. I really can't. This coming from someone who has purposely stayed as far away from TV coverage as humanly possible.

It's almost worse being a librarian, since we tend to be bombarded with the new "political" books that seem to be published every other day. "Why Bush Wouldn't Know His Butt From A Hole In The Ground" and "John Kerry: Magnificent Fraud." Remember the good old days when a political figure had to be dead for 25 years before a biography came out? Frankly, I'm starting to long for the days when the only political books being published were about the Kennedy family.

In reading news, I seem to be getting back into a groove. I started the Man Of My Dreams anthology this morning and have finished the Sherrilyn Kenyon offering. It's pretty good, despite featuring one of the more tired romance conventions. If I read about one more virgin determined to "ruin" herself I'm going to scream. But anywho, at least Kenyon dressed this one up as a futuristic, and has a way with a story. She skimmed over some of the finer details (in a nutshell, the story needed to be longer), but I liked her characters and it was a pleasant diversion. Really, that's about all I want from a short story collection.

I hope to finish the Maggie Shayne story on my lunch break today.

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