Tuesday, November 2, 2004

I call my office here at work the "cell block." Not only is it a glorified cubicle, but the walls are a white painted brick. I'm about ready to see if I can slam my head through said bricks - anyone want to wager?

Not only did I have a slightly mentally ill library patron complain to me through our locked front doors this morning (we were still officially closed) - but we've finally gotten word that my boyfriend's car is dead. Just put a bullet in my brain now.

Both problems should be fairly easy to solve - but frankly I shouldn't have to deal with either. For the mentally ill fellow - I'm going to have to deal with him directly from now on. Well, or at least until his current overdue fine issue is resolved. As for the car - we go shopping this weekend, and spend money that we don't have.


In other news, I'm down to the last story in the Man Of My Dreams anthology. So far the verdict is as follows:

  1. Kenyon story nice, but too short
  2. Shayne story well written, nice characters, but mystery plot painfully obvious
  3. Forster story: nice heroine who deserves better than the hero but stays with him anyway.

That just leaves the Kantra offering, which I should be able to breeze through during my lunch today.

And yes, I did vote - and it was pretty darn cool. I got to vote using one of those new computer ballot booths. Neat-o.

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