Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm - That's good crow! Pass the ketchup please.

I can't believe it. The Red Sox actually won the AL title last night. Unfrickenbelievable. And that means I can go back to being slightly indifferent about the playoffs - no more Yankees! Yeah!

One guy I would not want to be this morning - Yankees GM Brian Cashman. I would rather swim in a tank of man-eating sharks than have that guy's job this morning. How would you like to try and explain to Steinbrenner how the team lost the AL title after being 3-0 in the series? No thank you. Cashman is really going to have to sell it, otherwise I see a mass exodus coming out of the Yankees organization. But hell, what do I know?

As for the World Series - sorry Red Sox fans, I'm not convinced. St. Louis is tough and Houston - heck, Carlos Beltran is practically on fire and Clemens has done right by them thus far.

Actually, it's pretty exciting stuff - and watching the Red Sox celebrate in Yankee Stadium is an image that will probably get me through until the Yankees sign more talent away from small market teams in the off season....

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