Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm tired. Bone-weary tired.

My boyfriends car died on Monday. OK, it didn't really die, but the transmission did something hookey. Naturally, even though the car sat at the mechanics all night - the problem would not reoccur for them. So as long as they had the car anyway, they're taking care of some other stuff that we knew needed to be fixed, but we hadn't gotten around to yet.

This means we are a one car household, and in Southern California that really sucks. The distance between boyfriend's job and my job is 30 miles. Given the sheer volume of people and traffic in this area, that commute is taking me anywhere from 1-2 hours....and I've been doing it since Tuesday. Could someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery?

I've been so tired that I haven't done much reading - so I'm still working on Blue Moon by Lori Handeland. It's been a very promising first 100 pages, I hope to devote more time to it tomorrow.

I have been watching baseball - which is going exactly the way I expected it to. Boston choking, and the Yankees up to their usual. Frankly, I resigned myself to the Yankees winning the AL title ages ago. I'm actually pulling for St. Louis, even though I'm not an NL girl by nature. I've thought all season they were the most exciting team in baseball, and so far they've been able to sustain that through the post season. Sorry Astros fans, I don't see it happening for you.

But what do I know really? I've been wrong before.

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