Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'm still waiting for someone to shoot me. Any day now people!

My boyfriend's car is still on the fritz. The mechanics replaced the speed sensor over the weekend and we picked up the car yesterday. But no - my life can never be that simple. He went to leave for work this morning and the transmission problem is back once again. Or in this case - it never really left. So we're back to being a one car household for who knows how long.

On top of this, my entire kitchen is on the fritz at home. OK, not the entire kitchen - I just have a garbage disposal that sounds like it's grinding metal and a dishwasher that is leaking.

When I called to tell my boyfriend that I notified management of our kitchen woes he sounded none too pleased. Translation = it's a rotten day at the office.

Maybe I should just stick my head in the sand now and avoid the Christmas rush?

In other news: a romance author who frequents my blog provided this link for my reading pleasure. In a nutshell, an author's research got her in hot water with the Feds thanks to the lovely U.S. Patriot Act. This interview went out in a publication made available to RWA members, and I've already seen scuttlebutt online regarding the authenticity of the claim. Mainly, how come this episode hasn't gotten any media attention?

I'm not one for conspiracy theories (I have better things to do with my time), so I have to say I agree here. While I certainly don't put it past the government to hide things, I'm shocked that the publishing industry isn't screaming bloody murder. Needless to say, I'll be keeping an extra close eye on Publisher's Weekly for a while.

For those of you concerned about the privacy of your library record I offer some simple advice - return books on time and do not accumulate overdue fines. Most libraries do not keep track of every single item you ever checked out. The only things the computer will tell us (or the government for that matter) about your lending habits are:

  1. Items you currently have checked out
  2. Items you checked out, but returned late, so you got an overdue fine on them

So if you checked out a book on Middle Eastern cooking 6 months ago and didn't get an overdue fine, no worries! The Feds will not be breaking down your front door.

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