Saturday, October 2, 2004

Cripes am I tired. Sometimes this job is a little too much like work.

Today is one of my Saturdays to work, and it's also the day I trained a new library page. For you non-library types, pages are the friendly elves that shelve books, do light clerical tasks, water our library plants, and shelf read to make the books are in correct order (hey, we have to be able to find stuff!). They are part-time employees and aren't paid much. Heck, you can make more working at In 'N Out Burger than you can as a library page - so good help is often hard to find.

So far this new girl seems promising. She's new to this country (Afghan by way of Pakistan), and we are her first job - ever! She's newly married, and wants to save up money to buy her first car. Pretty cool huh? So today I gave her the grand tour (such as it is), made sure she understood the Dewey Decimal system (yes, it's harder than you think!), and made sure she understood the American alphabet sufficiently (she does).

Naturally while I was trying to show her all this we were swamped - so she got her training in between me answering reference questions.

In other news, I plan on getting drunk tomorrow. I figure it's the only way I'll be able to watch the New England Patriots play my dismal looking Buffalo Bills. I only have 4 beers in the fridge, and am wondering if I need to make a beer run this evening to stock up. It's no question the Bills will lose. The question is - by how much? I'm entertaining a 12 point spread at the moment, which by most estimates would be considered conversative.

Aren't I a sad sack?

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