Tuesday, September 14, 2004

So by now everyone has probably heard about the lovely incident at the Oakland A's/Texas Rangers game last night. Nice huh? Rule #1 in professional sports - Ignore Idiot Hecklers. Rule #2 for Women Everywhere - Get Out Of The Line Of Fire If You're Dumb Enough To Be Married To An Idiot Heckler.

I told my boyfriend that this is just further proof that women are really stupid when it comes to men. I'll admit it - we really are!

My boyfriend also sent me this article on the most notorious Players Vs. Fan fights in MLB history. My favorites? Ty Cobb of course. Arguably the greatest ball player of all time (and the greatest Tiger. Period). What a A-hole though. Geez. And wait until you read the Albert Belle account - priceless.

I finished up a totally fabulous book this morning, and just have to gush. Leave It To Cleavage by Wendy Wax is more of a cozy mystery about a woman finding herself than it is a romance - but it's being marketed as a romance, so there you go.

The heroine is a former beauty queen who discovers that her husband:

  1. Likes to wear women's lingerie
  2. Is having an affair with someone who likes French manicures
  3. Has left her - and vanished off the face of the Earth
  4. Has run her family's lingerie company into the ground.

So it's up to our heroine to:

  1. Dust off her MBA degree and save the company before panic ensues
  2. Find her no-good husband
  3. Divorce his sorry butt
  4. Survive her various charity obligations
  5. And somehow get the snooping (and handsome!) police chief off her back.

Naturally we have a romance between the police chief and our heroine - but what works so well is the fact that the heroine has to resume control of her life. She's been coasting. She thought her marriage was fine. So in between sorting out the mess her husband dumped in her lap, she's also becoming a stronger, better person.

It doesn't hurt that I found this book very amusing in parts, and Wax's writing style is breezy and charming. With only her second book, Wax comes off like a seasoned veteran. Brava!

A very high B+ - and I could easily make an argument that it's a "keeper" (A!).

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