Monday, September 13, 2004

Since it's Monday (and I'm about as ready to work as the Hilton sisters), let's add a new feature to the blog shall we? I'm going to call it Wendy's Football Pick Of The Past Weekend. My boyfriend and I make the NFL season a bit more interesting by entering into the spirit of friendly competition by calling each game (using a point spread if we pick the same team). I totally kicked his ass this weekend (Ha!) and came out looking like a genius with this pick:

San Diego over Houston.

Yep - I actually picked the Chargers to win. My boyfriend's exact words were "What?!?!" followed closely by "relying a lot on LaDainian Tomlinson aren't you?" Ok, so yeah I was - but turned out Drew Brees had a good game too.

As this new feature evolves, you can also expect it to include the various bonehead calls I make - which this past week included me picking San Francisco over Atlanta. A close game, but still I should have known better.

In other non-sports related news - my new toys arrived this weekend. There's nothing like a TV upgrade to make life a little sweeter. We now have a 36" flat screen TV with a surround sound system. Of course, with no entertainment system, we've had to be a bit creative organizing all this new "stuff." All I can say is God bless Rubbermaid totes. I also got my beautiful new oak dining room set - which is so heavy I've declared that we cannot move anytime soon.

As far as reading, I finally put aside Summer By The Sea by Susan Wiggs. It's a fine enough book, but I just could not get into it. Also, the arrival of my Amazon order, coupled with new a patch of review books, were so enticing I opted to start something new. The lucky winner was Leave It To Cleavage by Wendy Wax. I know, I can't believe I'm reading something with that title either - but so far I'm enjoying it immensely. This coming from a girl who has never really gotten the romantic-comedy trend in the romance genre.

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