Thursday, September 2, 2004

Oh no Ugi! My favorite pitcher for my Detroit Tigers got some bad news - here's hoping his mother is returned unharmed.

"Ugi, Ugi, Ugi til you just can't Ugi no more."

Sorry I can't help myself.

Anyone get to watch the fantastic Cleveland Indians crush the dreaded New York Skankies earlier this week? The highlights on ESPN were awe-inspiring, but alas, I could not watch the game. Heck, assuming I hadn't been working and the game was televised in my region (which it probably wasn't) I still probably wouldn't have watched it. My hatred to the Yankees means I only watch them when I absolutely have to - which is unfortunately every god damn post season.

I suddenly feel my blood pressure spiking. Calm blue ocean, Wendy - Calm blue ocean.

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