Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm sure this will construed as "Un-American" on my part, but heck I'm all about confessing today:

I will not be watching the Presidential Debate tonight.

I'm sorry, I can't bring myself too. This election nonsense cannot end soon enough for me.

Now before anyone starts hurling insults my way, I will state upfront that yes, I do indeed vote. I've always believed strongly in voting. Maybe because it was just 80 years ago that the US decided that as a woman I wasn't too bubbleheaded to be allowed the privelege.

However I cannot tolerate politics and this election year in particular is enough to make my brain melt. Every year the mud-slinging gets worse. Call me old fashioned, but I'd like the candidates to actually talk about the issues as opposed to attacking each other's character. Tell me why you think you're the person for the job - not why the other fellow is a lying scumbag.

I made up my mind ages ago how I'm voting in November (and no I'm not disclosing it in this blog because I have no desire for hateful comments - and all sides are making hateful comments this year - grow up already). But here are some things I'd like to see the candidates spend their time addressing to the American public instead of 1) Where Bushy-boy was during his National Gaurd duty and/or 2) What Kerry really did in Vietnam:

  1. Why did my boyfriend have to move 3000 miles to get a job - any job!
  2. Exactly what are we going to do to combat rising Health Care costs?
  3. How are my sister and brother-in-law going to send 2 kids to college?
  4. Why is my younger sister overworked, underpaid, and constantly having to justify what she teaches if it isn't on some bull-shit standardized state test? (For the record - she teaches in Florida)

  5. For that matter, why am I (as a librarian) the biggest supplier of books to my library?
  6. Why can't the state of California run itself? (Although I know the answer already - the politicians!)
  7. Why are there so many working poor in this country?

Now I know what you're thinking - Wendy watch the debates! Surely the candidates will answer you're questions.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - I'm sorry, that's the best laugh I've had in ages. And for the record - I'll read all about the debate on the Internet tomorrow - the condensed version that gives me the highlights in easy digestable pieces as opposed to long-winded explainations by the candidates. Frankly I expect a lot of tap dancing on both of their parts.

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