Thursday, September 9, 2004

I think Hell is close to freezing over.

I just got e-mail this morning that the city is finally going to put up new parking lot signs here at work. Signs that say "Staff Parking Only" in the back - and signs in the general lot that say "Unauthorized vehicles Will Be Towed Blah Blah Blah." These signs are supposed to be in place by 3PM today - but since I've been waiting since May, I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Why do I need these signs? Evil Little League Parents. OK, I'm not being fair - Evil Sports Parents In General. My library sits next door to a park. A park that is overrun every Saturday due to various sporting events. Naturally, despite our current signage, sports people take up library parking then library patrons naturally come complaining to me.

After a couple of meetings with the city, who assured me back in May that they were sympathetic, I've heard nary a beep from them. Sick of people complaining to me about it (when I tried, I really did), I started handing out the city's phone number to every complaining library patron. I said, "Here, call them on Monday. Maybe you as a tax paying citizen will get somewhere."

New signs of course will not alleviate this problem entirely. I'm probably going to have to take to patrolling the lot myself and calling the cops to come and ticket. This is of course assuming I can get the cops to come out and ticket. They've been crying "budget cuts!" every time it is suggested that they might want to patrol our parking lot every now and then due to the feces, used condoms, graffiti, and abandoned cars being left here.

Silly me.

In other more pleasurable news, NFL Kick Off is tonight! Yeah!

For the past several years my boyfriend and I have entered into the spirit of friendly competition by calling the games and using a points spread. Because I'm hopelessly optimistic (or maybe hopelessly clueless?) I picked the Colts over the Patriots tonight. Yes, I know - they are playing in New England. But it's also not December, 20 below with 10 feet of snow dropping from the sky. My boyfriend probably made the wiser choice and went with the Pats. We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out won't we?

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