Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ya know - it's like there is a demented Santa Claus hanging around my library.

Everyday is proving to be an adventure - what will I find when I pull into the parking lot today? Used condoms? Feces? Giant Attacking Spiders?

Today's gift from the library gods was a piece of crap Chevy Corsica, with a flat tire, blocking two staff parking spots. After calling the city who told me, "Call the cops," I called the cops. Cop #1 told me, "You're on private property, we won't tow - but let me have you talk to dispatch." I got a woman (Praise God!) at dispatch who told me, "Yes, you're on public property - we'll send someone out."

Once again, a woman has shown us the way.

In other depressing news - The Irish Devil is proving to be one of worst kinds of books. The kind of book that starts out awesome then picks up steam while it rolls down hill. So after my gushing yesterday what happened?

Well, first off - the author is employing flashbacks to flesh out the pasts of the hero and heroine. This is fine, in fact I like flashbacks - but how about the hero and heroine getting to know each other! All they are doing is boinking. It's like an unpleasant trip back to one of my former college relationships. Talk damn you, talk!

Then there is the hero - who also started out totally fabulous (he is Irish after all), but has morphed into something tasteless. The only way I can describe it is that he's speaking his dialouge in a constant leer. I'm normally fine with dominantion/submission play in my smutty fiction - but there's something icky about the hero calling the heroine his "filly" and ordering her about non-stop. Ewwwww.

And the heroine, the same heroine who slices the villain's hand open with a broken whiskey bottle, keeps calling the hero "Mr." and/or "Sir." Hello?! Has the fiesty widow been kidnapped by aliens?

I'm not quite to the halfway point yet - so I'm not totally giving up hope yet. If these two can keep their clothes on for one chapter and actually talk, it would go a long way in improving my mood - which has been shoddy at best lately.

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