Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This is why I listen to audio books - I cannot stand morning radio! Just shut up and play some damn music already?!

Here's an excellent example: I'm listening to one of the local oldie's stations on my way to work today and they are griping that The Sporting News placed Inland Empire towns (Riverside County, CA) at the bottom of their new poll on great sports towns/cities. One of the idiot djs explained this away by saying TSN was based out of Chicago and Midwesterners hate all things California - and well pooh Chicago is like "1000 miles from a beach."

Hey dumb ass - if Chicago was any closer to Lake Michigan it'd be a friggin' island! It's been a while since I've been to Lake Michigan, but I'm pretty darn sure there are beaches there. Idiots.

There, I think I got that out of my system.

Big shout outs to romance authors Victoria Bylin and Kate Rothwell - both of whom are excellent Googlers and stumbled across my blog. And yes, Vicki - I ended up enjoying West Of Heaven very much.

Big news yesterday was that I got my new ALA graphics catalog. ALA must be reading my web site (::snort:: probably not) because they have designed a new Batgirl poster! I kid you not! Take a look at the poster at the Alter Ego page of my web site.

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