Monday, August 23, 2004

So the Chevy Corisca was still here when I got into work this morning. This being Day 6 of the Abandoned Car Stalmate - I was losing my sense of humor. After all, this hunk of crap now had crickets living in it - and was still taking up two parking spots.

So I called police dispatch yet again. The same woman I talked to before answered the phone. After double checking when the ticket was issued (last Tuesday) she said, "Well that's odd, we normally tow after 72 hours. I'll send someone right over." And true to her word she did. The car was gone within the hour.

I didn't get a lot of reading done over the weekend, but I plowed through a large chunk of The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight this morning. It's really good so far! Again, it does read like her first novel in parts (there's a lack of polish in places) - but the story is an entertaining mix of good vs. evil, the hero is a yummy (even though he's a bloodsucking vampire), and the heroine is blessedly not a moron.

I'm also just getting around to listening to the latest Stephanie Plum opus on audio - Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich. Personally, I stopped obsessing over this series around #7, but I still listen to get my Ranger fix. Because while the series has gotten a little too zany for my tastes, Ranger the Bounty Hunter still makes my toes curl. He's Cuban, sexy, gets great dialouge, drives shiny new black cars of which he has an endless supply of, and just generally kicks ass. That, and it helps he has a mysterious past. While I've never found "bad boys" appealing in real life or fiction, Ranger seems to be the one exception to my general rule.

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